Expanding Reach

Replenish Foundation does a lot of great work all over the country by feeding hungry children and families. From humble beginnings in 2011 to astromomical growth by 2019, they were looking to take their vision to the next level in 2020.

the Challenge

While not known nationwide, Replenish Foundation, with Generosity Feeds, has built quite the network of churches, non-profits, and community groups all over the country. Their branding is solid! it was the goal of PDG+creative to build on that brand and reach out to a broader audience while remaining faithful to the existing brand, audience, and the spirit that got them where they are.

the Task

Replenish Foundation’s first engagement with PDG+creative was to develop an infographic housed in folded “brochur-esk” piece along with an annual summary tax letter. These pieces were mailed to their current donors to show the organizations successes in the year 2019. Complimenting art was also developed to help them share that success with a larger audience over social media.

the Facelift


Replenish knew they needed a new logo. As the umbrella brand for other initiatives, the old one was failing to communicate the larger scale of who they were. It was a bit antiquated and hard to reproduce on a variety of mediums. We had capture the spirit of who they were in a mark. Which is fun, but can be difficult. The word “replenish” implies a renewal, a fresh influx of resources. It’s the opposite of drained. The people they serve feel drained, they’ve got nothing left. Replenish shows up and brings hope and love for neighbor. Everyone from the people served to the volunteers, to the Replenish staff are renewed and refreshed. We wanted the logo to have that same sense of renewal.

the Next Level


Replenish wanted to go farther than promotional print pieces. While at a convention, Ron, president of Replenish Foundation, was given a coin and it made an impression on him. He approached us with the idea of using a coin to spread their mission. PDG+creative took Ron’s idea and expanded on it to look beyond simply giving a commemorative coin away. PDG+creative developed TWO coins, designed for two separate purposes. One coin would serve a commemorative purpose, given to donors to remind them of their involvement. The second coin was for the donor to serve someone. Beyond giving money to an organization, we wanted to encourage people to take an active part in being generous in their own lives. The coin would be given to the one they helped and now they have the responsibility to be generous and pass the coin on to someone else, and so on. The back side of the coin was serialized and equipped with a QR code with instructions to scan the code and receive their mission to continue the generosity that they were shown. This allowed the coins to be tracked and create a community of “Infectious Generosity”


the Digital Footprint


It’s impossible to maximise your reach to your potential audience without a website. And while “something is better than nothing” makes sense, without purpose and intentionality in the function and content of the something, it may take you backwards and misrepresent you. With Replenishes site we wanted to focus on the community action aspect of what they do. Highlihgting their successes and allowing their stats to feed and update in real time. Telling the stories of not only the people the feed, but the life-changing events that the volunteers experience. This site will house the platform that tracks the coins, allowing people to connect no matter where they are in the world.

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