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Centerline Builders was already a client based in Denver, Colorado. Centerline started out purely framing houses but grew to the level of managing all aspects of a build. Being in construction, they were old-school. Salt-of-the-earth, hard-working, “Your word is your bond.” type of people. But much of their administration process was old-school as well. Scheduling, supply inventory, payroll, and like were all still done by hand. Thier owner, Paul Sheffield, engaged us to build a web based system that could do all of the administrative tasks they were currently doing by hand. Within a year of digitaizing their whole system they increased productivity by over 200%. They went from completing around 50 houses a year, to about 150 houses a year! Then one day Paul gives us a call and asks “Can we sell this?”

the Process

Creating a product from the ground up has a lot of moving parts. PDG was tasked with naming, branding, and marketing the new software. Having built the original platform, we were famlliar with how it worked. We just needed to reconfigure the UI to be easily accessible and navigable for new users. Coding it was one thing, but giving it it’s own identity and releasing it to the public was something different entirly and required full collaboration with both Interactive and Creative sides of the house.

product Naming

This process was an entire team effort. We spent several sessions at the whiteboard and discussed what the function of the program was, how it serves the construction industry and how to best communicate that to new customers quickly and effectively. We had several ideas and wrote up rationals for every one. In the end, what tool in a carpenters garage helps him keep all of the other tools organized and in their place? A pegboard.

PegBoard Logo

platform Application

For a color pallet, we chose familiar industry colors. Since this brand will be primarily on digital platforms it was neceassary to prepare the logo in many different ways. Icons, buttons, favicons, loading icons, as well as the logo in multiple orientations.

PegBoard Logo
PegBoard Logo

the Marketing Site

We wanted to make it quick and easy for the user to understand all of the features that Pegboard offers. We created the site to play a quick 3-minutes video giving a rundown of Pegboard and it’s services. Scroll down and it reiterates and expounds on the main pain points that we found most professionals in the field were dealing with. Scroll further and it allows the user to pick a plan that is right for them and sign up for a free trial. Easy peesey!

PegBoard Webdesign
PegBoard Webdesign
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