The Generational Community Legacy

KLIFE has been a fixture in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for decades. It has become a teenage sanctuary where kids can gather with their friends and develop a sense of community and comradery. They meet in the morning for bible studies and in the afternoon for help with homework or just to hang out and be accepted. Bartlesville is a community that understands the value of an organization that offers a place for kids to not just stay out of trouble but to develop leadership skills and lasting relationships as well as receive adult mentorship.

the Challenge

KLIFE had a need to expand their facilities to serve the growing number of kids coming through their doors. With the help and partnership of Stroman & Associates they launched a campaign to raise the necessary funds. We were tasked with branding and marketing the campaign.

the Process

KLIFE had a story to tell and we needed to communicate it along with the overall purpose of the campaign in a short but comprehensive way. As a team, we gathered at the whiteboard to collectively toss out ideas, refine them, and choose the one that best met all of KLIFE’s needs. In reviewing their mission, history, and audience, the commonalities that surfaced were the preemptive nature of the value they bring to the community.

the Solution


It became clear that the most endearing attribute of KLIFE was the fact that kids can belong somewhere and recieve mentorship and acceptence no matter their background or socio-economic status. This allowes the community to invest in the youth and prepare them for the pivotal times in their lives when many of their life-changing decisions are made, and hopefully spare them the pain and heartache of making the decisions that hurt them in the long run.

The answer was clear - FORTIFY TOMORROW. It perfectly represented the mission of building up the kids through mentorship, spiritual growth, and leadership opportunities.



We developed a large scale major donor brochure so KLIFE could make lasting impressions on wealthy donors during the campaigns quiet phase. We designed a pocket in the back so they would have the ability to tailor the brochure to the donor they were approaching as well as quickly update critical information as the campaign progressed.

When the campaign was launched out of the quiet phase and to the general public, we developed a small scale version of the larger brochure. This was to ease the cost of printing in larger quantities as distribution of these brochures was much broader.

the Results

In just over a year, KLIFE successfully reached their campaign goals. A donor appreciation event was thrown to recognize the efforts of everyone who gave and worked hard to see this campaign through to the end.

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