Inco Electric Inc.

Ongoing Branding

David Hodges had started his company many years ago and worked primarily by himself, providing for his family as a sole-propriatary business. Years of hard work and great customer service and a solid reputation has allowed him grow and expand, hiring more people and presenting the need to rename and brand his operation.

the Challenge

Since David had never branded before and changed the name of the business, we were essentially working on a blank canvas. Which is fun, but can be challenging. Just because the canvas is blank doesnt mean that there’s nothing there. They still had a particular way they saw themselves and pre-existing expectations. How do you capture that idea in a brand?

the Solution

Logo Development

PDG+creative consulted with Lela Patton, Davids daughter, on the attitude and voice that the new brand should encapsulate. We began sketching out ideas that would identify INCO as an organization. We wanted the brand to retain the small business feel but wanted it to also show it as an established and proffesional organization. They service both residential and commercial properties, so we wanted a mark that could speak to both audiences.


The priority of Lela Patton was to outfit their emplyees. PDG+creative worked with Patton on developing an array of items that are front and center in interactions with INCO’s customers, to build a sense of organization and unity and instill confidence that their experience with INCO will excede expectations.

the Results

As INCO’s customer base grows, so will there need for marketing and unified messaging. They have a great start and we look forward to working with them to build their marketing strategy to ensure they continue to grow and hire more people.

Bartlesville Oklahoma
Kansas City Missouri

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