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We are PDG+creative.

On any given day of the week, the PDG+creative studio is bustling with productive energy. We wouldn’t want it any other way. We love the way our office, cozily situated in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, has allowed us to convert creative thought into tactile products. As relationship-oriented, imaginative students of the creative field, we've never stopped learning; meaning the past twenty years have certainly taught us a thing or two.

The most significant lesson we've picked up is simply knowing the value of a sure-fire, elastic idea. Whether inspiration is derived from our coffee stained Moleskin sketchbooks, the distinct tailoring of our creative director’s wardrobe, or even something as sentimental as our imaginary office pet — no concept is too obscure for us to carry it to its perfect visual embodiment. Happiness for us means strategizing for your brand identity. So go ahead, make our day.

We don’t define creative; it defines us. Every project begins on that premise and moves into an organic process of discovery, strategy, and design.

What We’re Made Of

The perfect combination of talent and caffeine.

They say you can't have your cake and eat it, but at PDG+creative, we get the best of both worlds. Not only does our vocation stream opportunities to fulfill our individual creative ambitions, but it also keeps us in good company. In this multi-faceted agency, we hold the highest respect for one another as pioneers of design and as peers of the creative mission. Let's just say we've grown pretty spoiled, meaning not only do we get to eat our cake, but might ask for seconds.


Andrew Oleson


As the owner of PDG+creative, Andrew not only has a gift for creative communications, but has a deep understanding of the industry's business aspects. With a B.S. in Communications, and not to mention, ten years of experience in branding, strategy, and interactive work, Andrew is driven to deliver the most effective messages to his firm and clients for their long-term success. With his extroverted personality and a dash of wit, Andrew draws people in, always able to infer what creative service will enhance their brand experience.


Johnathan Warlick

Director Of Interactive Media

Most of the time when he’s ducked behind a computer, Johnathan is focused on the coding challenge at hand. But he may be back there with a book, too, since this guy can never get his hands on enough reading material. (And you thought tech geeks didn’t like things made of paper.) Johnathan is a guy of intense focus and is ready to conquer when it comes to helping our interactive clients make the most of their online presence. He started here as a student intern and now look at him—he took over the interactive side of the house.


Natalie Turner

Senior Designer

Natalie is pretty much what you’d expect from a redhead—adventurous, passionate, outspoken, driven. Her love of storytelling naturally led to her love of design, because she sees visual communication as the most exciting and inspiring influence a person can have. As PDG+creative's lead designer, Nat approaches every client’s project as a story to tell and works to make it authentic, meaningful and enduring. And when she’s not rockin’ her design skills at the office, she’s rockin’ somewhere else on her guitar, and she occasionally pops overseas as a missions leader.


Erika Zagornik

Account Executive

For years Erika has collected ideas from her lengthy bookstore visits and studious habits, making PDG+creative the perfect outlet for her vault of creative inspiration. She works as our point of contact coordinating both client and team communication efforts. Always armed with her pen and notepad, Erika helps direct innovative thought to a viable reality.


Travis Shepherd

Interactive Developer

Travis is a curious guy. Outside our office, you’re as likely to find him restoring vintage cars as you are to find him digging happily in the garden. Not two things we’d necessarily put together, but he sure has a knack for detail-oriented work. That’s why we dig his style at work—his observation skills are tops, and he examines every angle of every job to make sure nothing is overlooked in the development phases. The kind of detailed perfection he expects at work makes sense when you consider his fine woodworking techniques. Because yeah, he does that, too.

It's just ink on paper and pixels on a screen if you don't start with a fresh, strategic concept. 

What We Do.

Because we love it.

Strategy & Branding

Strategy & Branding

Building a coherent brand identity is the key to gaining customer recognition and engagement. We at PDG+creative work to take your unique selling point and thread it across your company’s applications, making your company distinctively yours.



As a team who respects the craft of design, we set aside mere decoration in favor of purpose-driven production every time. We work carefully to maintain the integrity of each piece never sending to the printer without artful consideration.



Each website we develop is completely customized for the client’s needs and is built with current web standards. Whether your company requires an e-commerce website, a social networking application, or an interactive publication, we do it all. 

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We Don't Bite.

We like ideas. Share yours, and we’ll work together.

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