A penny for our thoughts?

A Playlist for Full-Time Creatives



We've picked some solid favorites to keep you plugging away all day long.

Eight hours worth of handpicked tunes = productivity without interruption.

You're welcome.

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The Newcomer



As I learned how to walk, talk, and develop motor skills, PDG+creative was taking its first steps too. Through the healthy affection and boundaries of our parents, the two of us have learned plenty of the "Do’s and Don’ts" of life. Do say please and thank you; don't be afraid of greatness. I grew physically and mentally, while PDG+creative grew organically from one visionary to seven. 

We have more in common than two decades of growth.

‚ÄčI find myself shopping for slacks and button-ups, rather than browsing summer flip-flops. PDG+creative is also strategically donning a new wardrobe this year, re-vamping its logo, website, signage and office entryway. It's our way of saying: the old is good, but the new is better.

We now stand with our feet planted on the horizon of the lifetime ahead of us, hungry for what time will permit us to create. We admit our failures and accomplishments, allowing these to stand as our guide towards future successes. With all the wide-eyed ambition of a young adult, and all the practical wisdom handed down from generations before us, we've found a refreshing balance.

Cheers to a blooming and harmonious friendship.


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