A penny for our thoughts?

Inside PDG+creative


On the 2nd floor of the historic Pioneer Building (c. 1910) in downtown Bartlesville, OK you will find a team of warm bodies and creative minds being fueled within a serene, art-deco work space.  If you have never had the opportunity to visit us, we invite you to take a minute and step inside. 
More often that not, you will be greeted by the delightful aroma of coffee and/or freshly popped popcorn before you even open the door.  Once you have walked through said door, you are welcomed by an innovative design furnished with straight line wooden & metal chairs, exposed brick walls and groovy orange accents.  An offer of coffee, water or soft drink is made and the tour begins.  

Just to the east (right) of the reception area is the conference room which showcases the many awards presented to PDG+creative throughout their 23 year history.  In addition to a few PDG Team Taco Tuesdays, it is also host to brain-storming sessions, team meetings, client meetings and random discussions.  

Once you leave the conference room and walk back through the reception area, you will have now entered the room where all the PDG+creative magic takes place.  The west (left) side of the room hosts (see what I did there?) the Interactive Team who are respsonsible for website development, <coding>, html, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and other nerdy stuff the mere human mind can't even begin to understand.  The brain power that sits in these chairs could seriously produce enough wattage to power an entire city block.  As you turn around and enter the east (right) side of the room you are now in the presence of design inspiration.  The PDG Creative Team has a passion for designing the perfect product for each and every client.  The terminology flowing from these minds consists of words such as marketing, art development, print production, bleed, pixel, alignment, branding, texture and transparency, just to name a few.  The creative juices that flow from this team results in  masterpieces that will leave you in a state of awe and astonishment.

As we reluctantly take our leave of the PDG interactive/creative area, we find ourselves facing a whiteboard wall that is regularly covered with results that are conceived from working out loud and have spilled over from the minds we just introduced you to.  I like to call it the "regurgitation wall".  Take it or leave it.

Just down the hall from the aforementioned area is the break room where the previously referenced coffee and popcorn are brewed and popped.  I would guesstimate that it takes a minimum of 5 pots of coffee each day to fuel the innovative brain power and I'm also pretty sure that popcorn is often served for breakfast.  The break room serves as the area for lunch breaks, cookie breaks and random talk breaks, which are often hard to break away from. 

Areas not shown in pictures, but worth mentioning are The Michael Scott Paper Company (paper closet) and eBay (supply closet). That alone gives you a little insight into the PDG+creative team.

And that ends our tour of PDG+creative.  Thank you for walking around our office space with us - please stop by in person any time you are in the area and we will be sure to have a fresh pot of coffee ready for you, and perhaps a bit of popcorn.

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Meet PDG+natalie


As PDG+creative's Senior Designer, Natalie Turner has not only developed a keen understanding of the advertising industry, but has figured out how to have fun with it. While we all know she rocks at Adobe Creative Suite, not everybody gets to see the person behind the ad, poster, or billboard. I got the opportunity of hanging out with Natalie after hours (fishing at her suggestion) to find out more about her role as a graphic designer, some of her favorite hobbies, and more.
In one sentence, tell us what inspired you to become a graphic designer.
I wanted to tell stories and design gives you a voice.
As a designer with seven years of experience, where have you been and where are you going?
Somewhere in the middle of my degree, I realized the power that lies in graphic design. Marketing reflects the culture you live in, able to influence what is funny, what people think of themselves, what is morally acceptable…At PDG, we're a part of that influence, and my ambition as a designer now is to advance positive ideas and give my worldview a platform.
Apart from work, what do you enjoy most?
Well, aside from hunting and fishing, I get to do what I feel like I was put on this earth to do. I lead my church's youth group in worship twice a week. Not only do I get to teach kids, but I get the chance to serve with them and learn from them!

What are your favorites…movies, bands, food?
I usually have a top ten or twenty for those kind of things. I love Braveheart, Gladiator, and Hunger Games. If by favorite you mean the last concert I went to or most frequently played on my iPod, then Rend Collective Experiment. Food? Can I just say meat? I really like Southern food, Indian, and Greek food is really good too.

What kind of advice would you give to an aspiring graphic designer?
Never put yourself in an environment where you're afraid to fail. Everybody fails, and it's healthy! Don't stop learning, push yourself, and most importantly, stay true to who you are. How do you stay honest? There are jobs we haven't taken, because I could not have done it in good conscience. Serve your clients while clinging to what's true, and while it may sound like a fine line, it really isn't.
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