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Bacon - Everyone's Hero


"Either you love Bacon or you're wrong." 
 "Bacon is going to save the world.  I don't now how, but it will."
"You don't realize how much you love bacon until you have no more bacon."  
"Bacon. Admit it.  For a second there all your problems went away." 

"Everyone is entitled to an opinion except people who don't like bacon."

These are all quotes found on the internet, none of which lists the source from which they came and all of which are about - bacon.  For the sake of this writing, I'm going to say that #3, "You don't realize how much you love bacon until you have no more bacon", is my favorite, because today when talking about bacon, we are referring to our local police officers, particularly the Bartlesville Fraternal Order of Police, and the first annual Chasin' Bacon 5K held on October 15.  

Bartlesville Police Officer, Tyler Lee, had started the process of creating a logo for the FOP's upcoming 5K when he became aware of the "Support the B'Ville Blue" decals created by PDG and made the decision to stop by our office and see if we could offer some assistance in completing the process.  Our creative team, lead by Natalie Turner, worked with Officer Lee and came up with the logo shown at the top of the page and Chasin' Bacon was officially born.  Officer Lee and his committee worked hard to pull together the first Chasin' Bacon 5K and, in my opinion, were very successful.  They ended up with right at 160 runners and netted close to $8000 to be used for community events.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Tyler (Officer Lee) and ask him a few questions about the event -

How did you come up with the name Chasin' Bacon?
   "I was sitting around one evening with a buddy and we were tossing names out and nothing worked.  I finally told him that I just wanted to invite folks to chase us or follow our example and run with us.  He then threw out Chasin' Bacon and that was it."  

Do police officers or others consider this name offensive?
  "Not that I am aware of.  I haven't had anyone mention it to me.  As a whole, police officers are not that easily offended.  The word "Cop" was once considered offensive, but that's what everyone says now."

What is the purpose of the Chasin' Bacon campaign?
  "Bottom line, community service.  Whether that be helping families around the holidays, rebuilding bikes/buying new bikes for kids or the Shop with a Cop initiative at Christmas.  One example is that recently a Bartlesville Police Officer and his family lost everything they owned in a house fire and before insurance could kick in, the FOP helped out by putting them up in a hotel.  We also contributed  to the BPD canine program.  Helping with needs in our community is how we want the funds to be used."

Are you aware of other Cities who have this event?
 "Not that I am aware of.  However, some area communities have shown interest after hearing about ours.  One even hinted at using our brand/logo.  Nope.

Do you have plans to make this an annual event and when do you anticipate that happening?
 "Yes.  We hope to have even more participants next year.  We are shooting for fall, a date hasn't been set yet."

What one thing would you want to say to the Bartlesville Community?
 "Join us next year.  We are part of the community just like you are and would love to have you join us, run with us and Chase some Bacon!"

So, Bartlesville, keep your eyes and ears open for this event next fall and plan on participating, whether you stand on the sidelines and cheer for the participants or actually jump in and Chase some Bacon!  In the meantime, support your local Bartlesville Blue and when you think of Bacon (and I know you will), think of and pray for our local heroes!

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