A penny for our thoughts?

Don't Underestimate These Sources of Creative Inspiration


Most artists hate to create anything less than groundbreaking work, but at some point everyone is lulled by the ease or convenience of making ordinary work. It's hard to maintain your creative voice when you may have used all your ideas or lost your rhythm. Don't let the secret to an inspired lifestyle elude you: take what is commonplace and infuse it with creative vibrancy. At PDG+creative, we do our best to to take several what-would-be mundane routines and keep things interesting, year after year.


Plastered walls with bits of exposed brick, a dry-erase wall full of project ideas, and a massage chair for the creative team sitting in the breakroom…if our office goes above and beyond to serve and inspire, why shouldn’t we?


Coffee is our preferred creative stimulant. (Although, Dr. Pepper takes a close second with the print team.) We choose whole beans over instant, fully aware that there is nothing more invigorating than the aroma of freshly ground coffee.


Yes, we creatives have a dress code. And yes, the dress code somehow permits outlandishly green pants. We love structure, but also celebrate that a person's idiosyncrasies work to afford them the most recognition.

"We love structure, but also celebrate that a person's idiosyncrasies work to afford them the most recognition…"


Nothing dampers the mood more than a symphony of mouses clicking, keyboards tapping, and employees clearing their throats. In our resolve to be creative, the music never stops playing. Tailor it to the project if you will, but generally we like the 1975, Vampire Weekend, and when the occasion calls for it, a bit of Queen.

Walk It Out

In order for our designer and director's relationship to work, afternoon walks are a must. When they consistently brave the Oklahoman weather conditions and return with conclusive work solutions, it leads the rest of us to believe these walks are vital to the branding process.

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